July 23, 2018 - 9:00am to July 25, 2018 - 4:00pm

"Making Connections" Environmental Education and Arts Teacher Workshop| Cheaha State Park, AL| July 23-25, 2018
​Provided by Legacy Partners in EE, RC&D Council of Alabama, and Alabama State Parks

Exploring, observing, interpreting, building a hand-made nature journal,  writing creatively, and engaging in botanical arts and enchanted environmental education activities are few highlights of this "nature and arts" workshop on Alabama's highest mountain!  

What do we do as environmentalists and as artists?  We encourage fresh perceptions, experiential learning, personal enjoyment, and pleasure of perceiving the environment from the heart. To achieve these things it is necessary to be still, ponder, be quiet, take time and feel secure in order to perceive the unknown, the wild, and the unexpected.   We aim toward openness to sensitivity, new and personal ways to articulate and share one’s environmental experiences which might be beautiful, disgusting, peaceful or chaotic. We support and facilitate a conversation with your environment through outdoor activities and observations. -RS Raney

Curriculum Strands:

 • Exercises on focusing observations and perceiving them more sensitively.
 • Activities which bring forward the processes happening in nature, and help one in perceiving them more sensitively: growth and decay, the flow of water, the turning of day and night, the changes of light, the wind, sound mapping, creatures, and more.
 • Studies which aim to alter set ways of viewing the environment by making strong connections.
 • Experiments which test the scale of the environment and human perceptions. 

We believe that it is possible to develop environmental understanding and responsibility by becoming more receptive to sensory perceptions and observations, and by using artistic methods (paralleled with scientific methods) to express personal environmental experiences and thoughts. Artistic experiences and activities improve one’s ability to see; know, and understand. The issues of values and lifestyle, raised by potential ecological crisis, can be approached through artistic methods.

More information:

* CEUs available through Jacksonville State University In-Service (18 PD hours). 
* Receive tons of educational materials and resources to help you make your lessons a success!
* Network with natural resource professionals and other educators. 

Bonus Curriculum: Hairy, Scary, but Mostly Merry: Fairies! Curing Nature Deficiency through Folklore, Imagination and Creative Nature Activities by Renee Simmons Raney

Workshop Instructors:

Dr. Allison McElroy, JSU Art Department
David Matson, Legacy Partners in EE
Mandy Pearson, Cheaha State Park
Renee S. Raney, Cheaha State Park
Brittney M. Hughes, Desoto State Park
Jenny W. Whitman, Cheaha Artist-in-Residence

Workshop Registration Fees:  Legacy Partner $75; Non-partner $90
Teacher Registration:     www.pdweb.alsde.edu Making connections-  JSU15157-18 (Jacksonville State University)
Educator Registration: http://legacyenved.org/educator-workshops/

Cheaha State Park