October, 2016

Summer is officially here. I doubt you need to be told. Bass fishing is now a hit or miss deal. The better known ledges have been "seined" by all the tournament pressure. We have caught fish by moving out away from the ledge and fishing worms very slow in the trash. We have caught some up on top of the ledge on crankbaits if they are generating. Some of the fish we are catching on worms are at 25 ft or so. The lake has been unusually high so far this summer. Some guys are catching them at daybreak on topwater.

I have concerns the fish released from the summer tournaments are not surviving. I witnessed a weigh in recently and what I saw was not good. We have to make changes or do something different so we can protect our fishery for the future.

I continue to see pictures of crappie caught from deep water on minnows by those that are experienced in deep water methods. They are catching some really big ones too.

Brim and shellcracker are still being caught on worms and crickets. They should continue their bedding cycle during the summer.

I've seen the catfish being caught jugging. I think this lake is packed with them. I believe that is often times what we see on our electronics.

Be careful on the lake. There will be more boat traffic with the holiday approaching. If you just want to get out and ride, swim, and enjoy the water I can accommodate you for that too. Have a safe and fun July 4th.

If you would like more information on the fishing on Lake Eufaula or would like to plan a fishing trip, or just want to take a ride on the lake, please call.  Lake Eufaula Guide Service  or email   Tracy Beall  334-703-2570