March, 2018

It’s mid March and fishing season is in full swing. Unfortunately I’m just getting ready to get back on the water. I’ve now got my boat back from being repaired due to an accident while trailering it. I’ll be glad to get back on the water. The information I provide comes from several of my reliable fishing friends.

We had a very cold winter and then a sudden extended warming trend in February. Largemouths moved up and many went to the bank. Some were seen bedding. And then the weather turned cold again like always in March. I’m sure that stopped some fish headed to spawn. Now with the warmer weather most of the fish should be on the bank or close by. I’ve talked to people that have caught them on a little of everything that is designed to be fished shallow. I know some are blowing up on frogs on top. Shallow will be the deal until the weather gets hot   and the fish move to the ledges.

Crappie fishing has been great and at other times poor. The weather and wind has determined the catch. Many have been caught right up on the bank on jigs and minnows. I’m sure they are trying to spawn. I’ve seen pictures of some whoppers caught recently. I’ve noticed my wild dogwoods are just now starting to bloom. That usually means fish are bedding too.

I’ve heard hybrids are being caught on spoons and rattle traps. You are likely to find them most anywhere this time of year. I’ve caught them on river ledges and on shallow flats in March.

Brim and shellcracker should be getting active with the water warming. Expect to see some good catches of them soon.

I’ve seen some good catches of catfish caught jugging recently. I’m sure you could catch a good mess with a reel and rod and a bucket of wigglers.

The weather should stabilize soon and more and more people will be on the lake. I plan to be one of them! Be careful out there. More boats mean more chance of an accident.

If you would like more information on the fishing on Lake Eufaula or would like to plan a fishing trip, or just want to take a ride on the lake, please call.  Lake Eufaula Guide Service  or email   Tracy Beall  334-703-2570