Update -Fall is here this is a perfect time to visit our park! 


The color has just started to show and  the nice fall air is something to enjoy.  We hope you will all come visit us!  

We hope you will visit us for our fall colors!  The difference you will find as you travel here from other places will be the color change from bottom to top. The highest point in Alabama has more to offer than in lower parts of Alabama.  We have trees and this gives us color in the fall with more than one way to enjoy the color season.  We welcome you to drive up to the park and enjoy the Talladega National forest that surrounds us.  The view is like no other in this great state! 

How you travel to the park will give you a difference in color:

If you drive from Talladega Hwy 21 you will get places with a canopy as you  pass thru the Talladega National Forest. This area will change more during the season  with amounts of yellow and red that will surround you as you drive through! You will notice more change on this side at this time.  

If you drive up from 49 to 281 or  I-20, 431, to Hwy 281 you will get the top views. This change is slower, however there are pull-overs that are breathtaking.

Cheaha has a variety of views for color:

The Top View: When you look out from the restaurant, or from the Observation Tower you will find this area to be the last to change. Bring your camera and walk out on the deck of the restaurant. This is the perfect place to enjoy your day. This area is usually the last to change, and is what we call Peak Season.

The view on the drive up will change first, as will the area surrounding the park: Anniston, Oxford, Munford, Lineville and Heflin. Then as you travel to the top during different times of the Fall Season the colors will vary. We find that the middle of October to the middle of November is when the top changes; as well as the view from the Restaurant Deck & the Observation Tower. The amount of color we get depends on how dry the season.  This is when the lines for our Restaurant buffet is the longest, but it is worth the wait!

This is the perfect time to come up and camp on the mountain. You can feel Fall in the air! Gather around a warm campfire, or enjoy a nice fire in you cabin!

Weekdays are the perfect time to stay with us. There are less people, and a lot more space. It is the perfect setting for a romantic getaway! Come on up!

You will not find a view like this anywhere else! You can see the Talladega National Forest in all its natural beauty and Fall wonder!

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